Thursday, December 11, 2008


I needed to do something different tonight - hard day at work called for something expressive. Trying to keep in my head all that I have learned in the last week but finally being overcome by colour. If I have it right, the greatest contrasts in value should be in the foreground and the further back to the horizon you go the less difference there should be in tonal value - so you could have equal tonal values of orange and purple in the background but in the front you should have your darkest and lightest colours. It was fun to really let go with colour. Now to find a way to use colour but with more control. The colours are not quite right in the photo, the sky is much paler and less overcast looking.

Today I had to go out to from work to buy flowers. Flowers here are extemely bright and gladioli seem to be the favourite flower - and in every shade, bright gaudy oranges and yellows, pinks and reds. My favourite flowers are all white and I find the colours a little garish here. After the drabness of the Middle East though, it is a refreshing change to see so much colour. Roses are still blooming at them moment and even in my own garden I have roses by the dozen. Unfortunately I also have marigolds which are one of my least favourite flowers along with carnations and gerbera daisies.


Jeanette said...

I love this! What a fabulous shot of colour in my dark, wet day.

You've succeeded in making the background recede, it works perfectly.

Mary said...

Anita this is fantastic. Your perspective draws me into all those lush colors.

Anita said...

Thank you Jeanette - it was fun to work and I think I was in need of some vibrancy too!

Mary - for once I seem to have got the perspective right - much easier when its right there in front of you! When I looked at this in the daylight the colours are totally Mexican!

Robyn said...

I have to tell you it's not always easier when it is right there in front of you. I have the opportunity to gaze across sublime vineyards any day I like - mind you they are a bit wet and drab at the moment - but I lack the skill to turn them into a sublime oil painting (or even a sublime watercolour)! Really beautiful, Anita. Colour, perspective, brushwork not to mention that you've achieved all this in a daily painting!

Anita said...

Robyn - I think one thing is that we tend to think that different subjects demand different treatment and I'm not sure they do. Its all tonal value and colour whatever you paint.

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