Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Colour on "Comfort Zone"

I worked on the chair tonight - I don't know what came over me but I looked at it as it leant against the window and my palette was freshly loaded and lo and behold colour has been put on the canvas! I'm pretty sure that I am not putting enough paint on the canvas but at least I am over my fear of working on this. Having spent so many months on the grisaille the terror of ruining it was seriously hampering any advances on this piece. I've become very philosophical about it though. I've decided to face this project as a learning curve, not as a masterpiece. Anything that I learn doing this is another piece (please excuse teh pun!) in the jigsaw of my art education. It becomes even more urgent that I get a daylight bulb when such subtle colour changes come into play. One interesting discovery is how I can picture the chair so precisely in my head. All those hours of studying it and doing the pastels has it locked in my memory. We will see what Michael has to say!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh she has opened the dreaded door.... and there are gorgeous colors on the other side. Nothing to harm you... not even a Newberry.

Sounds like a cookie doesn't it?

Mary said...

Haha, I love Robin's comment! These colors are already lovely Anita and very subtle and silky looking. Keep on going!

nick said...

Yes, real texture, makes me want to reach out and touch. I love the subtle colours in the lemon too.
Did you catch Robert Genn's comments about doing hundreds before you turn out a masterpiece? These demonstrate a great learning process though, thanks for sharing.

Jeanette said...

Its so fascinating to watch a piece go from grisaille to colour. The transformation is amazing.

Anita said...

Robin - now I need to see you working on those boxes! I'm back into this - its got a completely different feel now that I am working with colour.

Mary - once you are committed its not so bad - its just putting the first colour onto that grisaille that was hard!

Nick - I am not really expecting to produce a masterpiece. I do wonder though if there are degrees of masterpiece.

Jeanette - its certainly strange once you put the colour on. As I answered here to Robin, it takes on a completely different feeling.

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