Monday, December 01, 2008

The Perfect Mix

Another manic painting session with more running up and down the stairs. Its one way to get some exercise! Beginning to get a little panic struck about my shortage of canvases. Going to have to think seriously about making my own canvas boards.

Great delight with the mail arriving today - the friend whose portrait I just finished sent me a care package of chocolate, and delicious chutneys in interesting shaped jars - can see a bunch of still lifes coming from these.

Still researching the Fauvist movement and am intrigued to look at Matisse's work and see it develop. So many artists get stuck in a groove of what sells and that stops them from growing. I love to see the progression and hope that my work too will develop in that way.

I have been thinking of books that I own from my University days and have a bizarre longing to go back and read them even though at the time I found them rather ivory tower-ish and rather obtuse. In particular I would like to reread John Berger's "Ways of Seeing".

Intersting picture for today - the driver of a motorbike wearing a helmet and full protective biking clothing (a rarity in itself) while his wife sat side-saddle behind him in a bright pink shalwar khameez with the scarf prettily draped over her hair. I'm fascinated by the multitude of colours worn by Pakistani women after the monotony of black abayas and niqabs of the middle east which are rarely seen here. Girls at work wear brilliant colours - lime greens and bright oranges, some patterned in modern designs while others are traditionally embroidered with silks and sequins. One thing that had intrigued me is how they keep the scarf draped all day - and then I was told that its all down to safety pins! So much for that!

"Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions"Pablo Picasso


Jeanette said...

Ok, tonight I have to paint some kind of food. And its all your fault. :)

Let's see how much cheesecake I can paint before I succumb...

Anonymous said...

Jeanette - I think she is painting these so she just has to eat it up before it melts all over the table.

Looking really good Anita

Nick said...

Very impressed with the range of your work Anita. The painting a day thing is very demanding I think. Have you tried painting on small boards? In England we call it MDF but I think you may have another name for it. Primed with acrylic and sanded they make a very cheap and durable surface.

Robyn said...

You paint a gorgeous mental image of those women and the exuberant colour in their clothes, Anita. I guess taking references photos where you are is out of the question but it would inspire a beautiful series of paintings.

Have you found our way to U Tube where can see the first episode of the series Ways of Seeing? I was pointed in that direction by Katherine (Making a Mark). She also escorted me into a bookshop in London where I could buy a copy of the book.

Anita said...

Jeanette - I have an incredibly sweet tooth but for some reason am not tempted at all by my models - might be a new form of diet!

Robin - thank you!

Nick - (I'm a Brit too!) but have been unable to find out what MDF is called in the States. Not entirely sure Pakistan would have it either!

Thank you Robyn. I have a copy of Ways of Seeing in storage (who knows when I will get to see that again!). I did see the whole series when I was at art school - thanks for telling me about YouTube - will check it out. A little reminder would do me good.

Stacy said...

Anita, your food paintings are all so excellent I feel like I need to go exercise after visiting here. Maybe the painting food diet would work for my sweet tooth too. I'll be baking Christmas cookies soon so may have to try it. ;)

I think MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. They use it all the time on HGTV.

Anita said...

Stacy - I have been looking at the plates of cookies in magazines and thinking they might look good in a painting - maybe closer to Christmas after I have been baking.

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