Monday, December 08, 2008


Working with blue underpainting proved more difficult than the magenta did. Very hard to get cleaner colours for the icing. The extemely subtle colour changes in the cupcake case were very hard to do and not revert to using tiddly brushes.

I'm trying to get myself to do more sketching so this is todays - ok yes, I did it from a photo - excuse? Em..... none!
I remember reading in "Five Quarters of the Orange' by Joanne Harris about a recipe book, created by the main character's mother, which is illustrated with little drawings and paintings and the idea captivated me then. And of course it would be a great way to capture my crazy nomadic lifestyle on paper. Since then sketchbook/journals seem to have taken off as an artform and I love seeing snippets posted on blogs. Its a bit like peeking through a window into people's lives. Not sure I will ever get my sketchbook looking like that but i'll give it a go! There seems to be as much to learn about creating great sketchbooks/journals as there is to doing any other artwork - mixing media like ink and watercolour, coloured pencils and an abundance of other media. And then there are the sketchbooks themselves! I have moleskines - both waterolour and drawing. And then I've seen homemade sketchbooks and I wonder about whether I should try to do one of those. There are whole books written on creating journals. I got some great tips from Billie Crain on putting together a watercolour sketch kit so I will do that tomorrow to take to work with me on Thursday. I already have coloured pencils salted away at work - now all I have to do is put pen/brush/pencil to paper ....................

Any tips on journalling/sketchbooks welcomed.


Annie said...

You are making me hungry with these cupcake paintings! I have been looking at some of your older posts and I love the way your work has developed! I also relate to the self-doubt and struggles! Did you find Michael Newberry a great help as a mentor?

Rose Welty said...

I agree that the sketchbooks and moleskines that people fill are incredible! I also find them very inspiring...never managed one least not yet :D

Nice job on the portait fact, I think I know the picture - at least those eyes look familiar, I think I tried a sketch from the same photo.

I might not be right...I love the expression you've captured in the eyes!

Jeanette said...

This cupcake painting is superb Anita. You've captured the textures beautifully. Just fabulous.

I love my sketchbooks but haven't posted much content from them to date. I carry one with me in my handbag and haul it out when I have a few moments to spare. I think my bedtime sketch book sees more drawing than others sometimes.

Nick said...

Seeing sketches on blogs gives us all a privileged insight into the way an artist explores. Looking forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

This is a very patriotic little cupcake. Enticing everyone to take a bite. Nice work Anita.

Kimberly Bustillos said...

Looks like we have been pondering over the same thing! My obsession of late has been on sketch books. I quite sketching for a few years and just took it up again a couple weeks ago. I really like the whole concept of the books you did in college. They probably where a lot of work but they seem fun. When you get tips on journalling/sketchbooks could you please write it up in your blog or pass it along?

Anita said...

Annie - yes Michael is a Godsend! I learn something new everytime I speak to him and I love that he is making me be more intellectual about what I do.

Rose - yes I think it is the same ref. Trying to get some practice in before January!

Jeanette - I started taking my sketchbook to bed with me since I read about your bedtime sketching. All I can say is it has very pointy corners in the middle of the night! :-)

Nick - I was very lucky to see some great sketchbooks in a gallery by famous artists - so few lines saying SO much!

Robin - I guess its a French cupcake as its more of a French blue than a British or American one!

Kim - its funny how you find similar threads on a lot of blogs at the same time. I will pass on any info I glean.

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