Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gold Thread

oil on canvas 6" x 6"
Another colour experiment. I started with a purple and cerulean ground and then worked into that with colour. More paint on the canvas this time.

Also have had this idea in my head for a charcoal for a while and after reading Stacy Rowan's post about seeing things that you want to do and filing them in your mental pending file I decided that the time had come to do put this one on paper. I've long been fascinated by drapery and classical images of fabric folds and white fabric in particular. So here is the start - still toying with the idea of the bowl and chair. The bowl is one of the copper ones I bought last week at a bazaar. I would like the spotlight to be on the fabric with everything else in the neutral block.


Kimberly Bustillos said...

You did an excellent job on the drapery! Been working on that a little lately too. I think you did a good job at getting it to look natural.

Billie Crain said...

You HAVE been busy, GF! Lovely work. I'm glad to see all that color going on, too!

Kim said...

lovely colour and composition Anita...

Anita said...

Thank you Kim - the drapes are fun to do though there is such nuance in the values that its pretty hard work!

BILLIE - So glad to have you back commenting! Looking forward to your muse returning!

Kim - thank you!

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