Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Last Bite

oil on canvas 6" x 6"
Today's daily painting is the last bite of cherry pie from last night's slice (yes, I did eat it - the first ever cherry pie of my life!). I started out with the fork on a plate but after failing to get my colours together I abandoned the plate for a flat work surface.

I've been set some homework so my next few small pieces are giong to be a little whacky and a real test in many ways. Not just because of the colour I am going to use but also because I have to paint with thick paint which is something I find very hard! Not sure if its the Scrooge in me or the control freak!


Mary said...

Anita, I was going to come back and comment on your pie, because I love the colors on the crust and filling so I came back and what do I see, another painting!!!

Very nice!

I'll be looking forward to your knew challenge.:)

nick said...

Me too. It's often the background in these little still lifes I find difficult. I think this one floats beautifully.

Jeanette said...

I like the whole slice, but I think I like this last bite even more. The colours are vibrant and I love the smears of cherry sauce on the table.

Anonymous said...

Love the changes in colors. Are you licking your lips?

Robyn said...

I'd love to find this one in my Christmas stocking, Anita! Really beautiful use of colour.

Anita said...

Mary - I don't think Michael realises quite how hard this next step is going to be for me!

Nick - I find the backgrounds quite hard to paint and this one seemed to take forever, so I'm glad it works.

Jeanette - its nice to use some in your face pinks, oranges and reds. You begin to get addicted to colour after a while.

Robin - yes and my fingers too!

Robyn - Thank you!

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