Monday, December 22, 2008


From my sketchbook.

Not enough time for anything else today - up to my ears in Christmas cookies. Why do I let myself get distracted with things like that? And tomorrow I wont be home until later as there is a Christmas get together that I could really do without. But then FREEDOM and 11 days off - woohooo paintbrushes, here I come! I'm making a list of things I am going to do during that time

1. Work on the chair
2. Do some pastels
3. Daily paintings
4. Plein air


Jeanette said...

Yeah, Christmas takes over sometimes, doesn't it? I have to make mince pies tonight or there will be war! :)

I too can't wait for that break where I can have time off to paint and draw to my heart's content.

Robyn said...

That must be your daughter from your sketchbook, Anita. I see a resemblance, or am I just sentimental about distant daughters at this time of year?

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