Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plein Aire

I really wanted to go and paint plein aire today but I have too much to do at home (those horrible domestic things that get in the way of painting) so I stayed here but determined to at least try something new. This is the view off my back balcony to the neighbours house behind us. There were nice shadows cast off the angles of the house which is white. Trying to get distance into each step back in the building was interesting and working with white walls and trying to create some difference between those closest and those further away but still in full sun was difficult.

Last night was the first night I have missed my daily painting in over three weeks but I was totally exhausted when I got home from work. Its funny how quickly something can become a habit. And how quickly you can lose them! (Guilt here about not working out! Something had to give!). I'm trying to decide whether to go with canvas panels or stretched canvases for my next order. I do really like the "boing" factor of a stretched canvas, but thinking about how quickly daily paintings are going to add up bulk-wise if I do them all on stretched canvases.


vivien said...

lovely Anita - I like proper canvas and don't frame it - if you are framing then panels would maybe be a better option - or have hardboard cut to size, cover with cotton/linen and prime it - that you could access locally?

Billie Crain said...

man, do i like this one Anita!

Anonymous said...

GREAT composition on this one!

don't forget you can also try the canvas pads from Fredrix, I love those--they aren't hard like boards and you can easily frame them later if you want to

Anita said...

Vivien - I love unframed canvases but my DH says they will sell more if they are framed. With our constant moving I feel that panels wil be more practical at least for small works. I'm not so likely to produce hundreds of big pieces where I can use canvas.

Billie - Thank you!!!

Anne - Thank you for your encouragement and advice. My mother has made me up a care package that includes a canvas pad and I am sure I have one lying around here somewhere - I haven't completely unpacked my boxes yet.

Robyn said...

I think 350 completed canvases would be a nice problem to have! I like unframed canvases too, they would certainly be easier to ship than framed. I did read somewhere that people buying art often want re-frame anyway to suit their needs.

Lovely composition and shadows and how great that you got out there!!!! Forget the domestic duties - they are a waste of time anyway, haven't you noticed even when you do them, there they are a week later waiting to be done again. Consider only doing them say, every month. At that point you will be in exactly the same position as if you'd done them weekly! I'm wicked!

Anita said...

Robyn - I cannot even think about all of those finished canvases - but they are mounting up fast! I agree about framing. I think its totally personal. And domestic duties do tend to fall slightly behind in my house, definitely not top of my priorities!

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