Sunday, December 21, 2008


oil on canvas 9" x 12"

The white villages of Andalucia are incredibly picturesqe, brilliant white houses cascading down the mountains, their terracotta roofs glowing in the Mediterranean sun. My mother, sister and brother-in-law live in Jubrique, one such village, and we have been lucky enough to visit them there a couple of times in the last few years. Painting this makes me want to go back soon to paint plein aire. I'm still finding green a real challenge - maybe time to make a colour chart and try out mixing different greens.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow - I took one look at this and thought I#ve drawn this. But I was wrong - I was in one of the other white villages!

I find that the trick with greens is to remember that the actual range within the colour of green tends to vary depending on where you are. English green isn't Spanish or Italian green - and none of them are tropical greens (using 'green' in a palette sense)

Jeanette said...

The light in the Med is so different I've found. Purer somehow, but perhaps its the reflections on white that make it so.

I love the shadows in this and the reflected light. Greens - well I can't help you on that, I need help myself in that direction. However, a series of colour swatches to test colours would be an idea. I must try that too.

Robyn said...

I think your greens in this painting are in perfect harmony with the gorgeous blues of your shadows, Anita.

Everyone seems to say(write)' mix your own greens'. With oil I usually start with an existing green and add other colours. With watercolour I quite enjoy mixing my own greens. Hoping to become more experienced with oils painting en plein air.

Mary said...

Lovely colors and painting, Anita! I do what Robyn does because I was out with one of my first, mixing my greens but could quite get one green I wanted.

Anita said...

Katherine - easy to mistake one for another! You are right about how green changes from country to country.

Jeanette - there is an amazing quality to the light in the Mediterranean area. If you find any nice greens - let me know!

Robyn - yes i was taught that you should always mix your greens too. When I painted with acrylics I used to use tube greens though.

Mary - at least it seems that I am not alone with the green challenge. We should all swap notes!

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