Thursday, August 30, 2007

Georgetown Canal

There has to be an easier to way to carry art materials around for plein aire. From the hotel to the location in this post is about a mile and carrying portfolio with paper, drawing board, easel and pastels requires a team of mules. Still I made it there and back and survived the ordeal.

This was my first real adventure into plein aire where a possible audience would be total strangers. As I was struggling with getting this to look anything people would stop and say, "that's nice" and I would smile and say "thank you" while thinking "They must be blind - this is a disaster!" They were probably just being kind! Oh and then there was the nice lady who wanted to take my photo as I worked! I wonder where that will end up!

It got very hot as the shade I started out in moved away so I gave up in the middle of my second attempt and struggled back to the hotel. My next venture out is going to be with half the pastels, half the paper and possibly no easel. (I swore, as I struggled back, there wasn't going to be a next time!) I have not done nearly enough weight-training to be in shape for this!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Under the dock

Have taken my pastels and paper on leave. We had a great few days at Lake Sinclair, Georgia, and I managed to squeeze in some pastels between rides on the boat on the lake.

The light in the early morning on the dock and creating shadows under the dock was pretty - lots of lovely colours in the water and on the wood of the dock. So peaceful out with just the lapping of the water against the seawall.
"The light is moving and not moving upon the water."
David Ferry
all artwork is copyright of Anita Murphy 2006/2007/2008/2009