Sunday, January 04, 2009


Today just a sketch - from York.

My father was a champion clay pigeon shooter - he won competitions the world over. He had a theory that anyone could hit the first clay - the action was instinctive. He said that after that it would all fall apart because you would try to think about what you had done and repeat it and but the results were invariably a miss. From that point you had to learn how to shoot. I think that this also applies to painting, at least for me. On successful days its intstinct - I don't think about what I am doing, I just apply the paint. The problem arises the next painting when I try to think what I did the last time and repeat the prescription and it just doesn't work. Either the mood is different or the change in subject matter changes how I react. Today was one of the days when I tried to recreate whatever it was that worked yesterday and just couldn't quite capture it.

Back to work tomorrow and dreading it. I've had the most wonderful 10 days at home, painting and doing artistic research. I'm going to try and do sketches in my lunch half-hour (weather permitting) and come home ready to paint.

New Year's Resolution 4 - Sketch regularly.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful water and reflections Anita.
Sketching every day is a good thing.
I too need to return to the habit.

Jeanette said...

I think your father had it right in some ways.

Often if I start a painting and its just instinct and I'm not thinking about it, it works. When I consider every move, it gets complicated and doesn't flow.

Sketches like this one are the perfect pieces to translate into paintings. I too will be sketching at lunch. Let's face it, I sure don't need to eat any more for awhile! :)

Rose Welty said...

Lovely sketch. Glad you enjoyed your time off. I have really enjoyed your by one. I always want to know the next one...very clever.

I agree with your least as concerns golf. I hit a hole in one on my first outing and have since been scared to play again!

Robyn said...

I can't take my eyes of that beautiful bowl of lemons! It seems to me you have great consistency of style and skill with you daily paintings.

The thought of you having to go back to work makes me realise what a slacker I am!

Kim said...

very delicate...
a great resolution Anita!!

Anita said...

Thank you Robin - I would like to do more water paintings.

Jeanette - hope you did you sketch today - I did!!! I'm hoping that I will be able to get something that will translate into paintings.

Rose - I think I would stop playing golf after that too! There is no way to go but down, right?

Robyn - I wish I was more consistent - its one step forward every 20 or 30 paintings I think!

Kim - thank you!

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