Friday, January 30, 2009

Colour Studies

Colour studies, 3" x 2"

I really begin to see the value of colour studies the more I do of these especially if you are wanting to become more painterly, as I am. By working small it reduces the amount of detail you can include. I like the idea of giving enough information to the viewer for them to recognise what they are looking at but leaving enough out that they will have to create whats missing in their own imagination.


Rose Welty said...

These are coming along nicely Anita. Before I read this I was wondering whether I should do a color study tonight or not. I was thinking of painting one, but now you've planted a seed for CPs...but I think I should definitely do a color study!

Anonymous said...

Your color studies are very pretty Anita. It is a great way to get a thought down quickly.

Jeanette said...

These are great. They're a really good way of getting values and colour down quickly if you haven't got a lot of time.

Anita said...

Rose - its funny how spending a few minutes doing something like this can actually make you feel like you accomplished something!

Robin - also great way of minimalising when you are a detail freak like me!

Jeanette - or the inclination to do something major but want to do something at least!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful color studies! It's amazing how much color you were able to fit into a few square inches.

Anita said...

Jeff - thank you! It is fun working so small - no room to be fiddly. Now I just have to translate that into large!

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