Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mixed Set-up

Pastel on Paper

Normally when I set up a still life I clear everything else out the way. I'm not sure why but I have seldom done a still life with multiple objects. Today I dared myself to just switch on the lamp and draw what was just sitting there. So here you have it. One problem was that my cup of tea was in the foremost mug and having set myself the dare I didn't dare move it to drink the tea! I love that mug - I bought it at the National Gallery of Art in Washingron, DC last summer. Every time I go there I treat myself to something out of the shop - they have wonderful things. This mug says on it "A line is a dot that went for a walk - Paul Klee" (he is one of my favourite artists).


MILLY said...

This is really good, it looks natural having the mug of tea there, glad you kept it in.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Is it all pastel?

Jeanette said...

Another success. Pastel is definitely your friend. Frustrating to have your tea there then not be able to drink it. I've done that before, then chalk around the mug so i know just where to put it back again :)

Anita said...

Milly - thank you!

Jean - yes it is - I use Rembrandt soft pastels.

Jeanette - do you ever dip your watercolour brush in your mug? I do that ALL the time even when my water container is right next to my mug.

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