Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three Quarters Mutiplied by Two

Pastel, 24" x 16"

Oil on canvas, 10" x 8"
I can see looking at this photo that I need to tone down the rear quarter of orange - the colour is too saturated and brings it foreward.
Both these pieces were fun to do and it was interesting doing the two pieces with different mediums. I really like the way the pastel glows.


Robyn said...

Your pastels always bowl me over, Anita and this one has left me breathless. It is fantastic. It is amazing how much glowing colour you achieve without covering the ground. This is a favourite!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pastel Anita.
Love the color you captured in the "juice".

Jeanette said...

You make pastels look so easy Anita. The oranges have a life of their own in these pieces. You inspire me to dig out my pastels.

The oils really show the wetness of the oranges. Lovely work.

Anita said...

Robyn - pastels are still a challenge to me - I have to think all the time about colour values. I'm hoping it will become second nature one of these days.

Robin - yes its a great colour. I just added cadmium orange to my paint palette too. Can't imagine how i did without it!

Jeanette - thank you!

Anita Davies said...

Both are just wonderful Anita

anita said...

Thank you Anita!

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