Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Graphite on paper

I belong to the same portrait group as Jeanette Jobson and she has recently posted her version of Rose. This is mine - I need to tweak the face a little and work on the hand. Bad photo!


Billie Crain said...

this is wonderful, Anita. i love the expression. so well done! great job on those fingers, too! hands and finger are SO difficult for me.

Jeanette said...

This looks very well drawn. I agree with Billie hands are difficult but you've done a splendid job on them.

I found the angle of the head difficult to get just right. I don't think I'm there quite yet but am running out of time.

Stacy said...

Anita, this looks great! With all the painting you have been doing lately, I had forgotten how talented you are at graphite portraits. This is a powerful reminder!

r garriott said...

What an expressive portrait. Great cropping. May I ask what size it is?

Anita said...

Billie - I was chatting to someone recently who said that they figured they needed to learn hands so that is all they did for weeks.

Jeanette - this one was quite difficult. I found it went against what my head was telling me to put the eyes and mouth at angles.

Stacy - Thank you. I've recently done two portraits, both wearing glasses and they always make me think of the one you did of your grandfather.

rgarriott - its 7" x 4.75". I can't claim the crop - its the way we were given the reference.

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi anita, always in awe of your fantastic talent!

Anita said...

Lisa - you are too kind!

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