Monday, January 12, 2009

York II

I love reflections in still water, slight ripples disturbing the reflections so they just shimmer.


Lisa Lorenz said...

I also love water reflections. beautiful work.

Rose Welty said...

I love the composition of this Anita - that wonderful diagonal.

Jeanette said...

You've really achieved that subtle shimmer on the water. Gorgeous reflections and palette.

Robyn said...

I love the composition too and the reflections. Now I have palette envy as well! Wonderful depth of colour.

Annie said...

This is very nice. I think you are succeeding with the trees!

Thank you for your regular comments on my blog. They are much appreciated.

Anita said...

Lisa - so good to see you. Thank you!

Rose - diagonal lines are very dynamic. Was a little worried it carved the picture in halves.

Jeanette - I started out very fussy - I need to use much bigger brushes though and LOTS more paint!

Robyn - the water was the most amazing colour because of the sky. Pthalo blue - delicious!

Annie - your sketches are wonderful - Robyn may have palette envy - I have sketch envy!

"..tikai iespēja īstenot savu sapni dara dzīvi interesantu.." Paulu Koelju said...

I like it!!! Beautiful

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