Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date - Peeled Tangerine

This is this months Virtual Sketch Date image How many media can you put in one sketch? Started with graphite but I didn't like it - so I added some colour pencil and then some watercolour and finally a little pen! It was nice to take a day off serious painting and just sit in front of the TV and doodle.

Also I doodled some tools my husband has lying around (he's rebuilding computers after he blew up my PC) and particularly liked the adjustable spanner (wrench). I love hardware stores - especially the power tool section. I've always wanted a router - with all the extras. What an amazing piece of hardware! One of my ambitions is to learn to make a dovetail joint, but the traditional way, no power tools. Do you have a secret ambition?


Jeanette said...

4 in one, I'm impressed. I find that those drawings that you just nibble away at seem to turn out the best sometimes, don't they?

Love the spanner (my husband's British, so I know all the lingo :) )

Hmmmmmm a secret ambition - it would have to be creating a medieval herb garden in a walled garden - one of those ornate ones with precise beds of herbs and clipped little hedges of hyssop around them. I can always dream.

Karen Z said...
Hand cut Dovetail joints for beginners. Now you have no excuse for not making one. lol
Ken has a very nice router. You can play with it next time you come to visit.
My secret ambition? To take beautiful black and white photos.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. You call that tangerine a doodle? It's gorgeous and reminds me of some of the old master etchings in museums. Wonderful composition and delicate colors!

I tried the idea on, and nope, I have no interest in power tools or a secret ambition to own a router.

Robyn said...

Have just bought my first fretwork saw to cut plywood blocks for my linocuts. Now I dream of learning to cut mitred corners for framing but since I can't buy matt board here there seems little point.

Lovely mixed media sketch and excellent drawing of the wrench.

Now I'm wondering how your PC blew up. My worst nightmare!

Anita said...

Jeanette - now the herb garden I can appreciate. My dream job would be garden designer.

Karen - HAHA - thank you! Now I don't have an excuse!

Janabouc - thank you! The colours were fun.

Robyn - uhoh - the bug has bitten you! watch out - you will be dreaming of chisels and all sorts of things soon!

Ramana KV said...

This looks simple and yet amazing.. Like the lines used on the orange..

Ana Tirolese said...

Your piece came out very well. I really like the lightness and expressiveness of it. Some of the best pieces I have done are when I am semi distracted watching the old tube.

Good work!

christine said...

I love the loose nature of the tangerine drawing and your skill in using many media together. Well done!

MILLY said...

I like your mix of different medium, it makes it interesting and I think it worked really well.

Rose Welty said...

Very nice media mix Anita...

Gail said...

Lovely Anita, I like your loose linear design elements, gives off great texture. I also appreciate the color addition but then I love color.
Thanks for the view.

Anita said...

Ramana - thank you!

Ana - I think there is something about not becoming totally obsessed by what you are doing that allows more experimentation and freedom.

Christine - I am not one for using multi-media very often but I do like the effects!

Thank you Milly - result of a bad graphite and needing to do something to rescue it.

Rose - thank you!

Gail - I love colour in other people's work but find it very difficult in my own work.

Stacy said...

Anita, I really like your mixed media piece, especially the expressive ink lines. I think it has just the right amount of color and texture.

My secret be good enough at tap dancing that I get to dance for free with pros. Fun and fitness all in one! :D

Sherry said...

I chuckled when I read your comments about adding one medium after another. Haven't we all done that. The results though are very pleasing.

ego2005 said...

An original approach! I like it!


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