Monday, November 24, 2008

"Squeeze from the bottom" and "Bed Linen"

6" x 4" oil on canvas
Today's daily painting - tube of paint, and it was my husband's suggestion to have the paint coming out of the tube so I blame him for the sheer extravagance of wasting paint! I've discovered that the smoother the object the more fiddly I become and its all I can do not to use the tiddliest brushes I own.

I've had the yearning to paint/draw bed sheets for years - since we first arrived in Mexico 4 years ago! So I've set myself the target to try to produce the picture I have in my head. I think its going to take a few studies to get there and then who knows, maybe a painting.

Nice surprise of 15 new brushes arriving in the mail today - but as usual I bought too many little ones and not enough chunky ones. And I need to find out if its possible to buy a scumbling brush or whether its just a case of wearing brushes out first. One of my favourite brushes is about 1/4 of an inch wide and the bristles must be shorter than that - I love it!


Mary said...

Wow Anita, I just checked your blog yesterday I think, and you have 4 new pieces of work!!! All wonderful, I love the subtle light and colors in the bed linen and the shine in the paint tube is great looking.

Jeanette said...

Well you know you can't waste that paint, don't you? What's the red study going to be of? :)

I have this same vision in my head of drawing/painting a bed! I can see the scene, very shadowy, rumpled sheets and pillows... I just need to create it. Wonderful piece. You're on a roll lately. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Anita, these are lovely!

15 brushes???? yikes, I typically use only one brush on all of my paintings--a 1" soft flat!

btw, on the canvas glue, the brand name I've used is "Fabri Tac", I hope that helps

best, Anne

Robyn said...

I got as far as writing 'paint draped white fabric' in my Ideas book a while back. But haven't managed to lift a brush yet ;(

You really are inspired, Anita and it is beautiful to watch. Love the juicy tube of red paint - I've noticed reds are starring in so many of these paintings. Wonderful.

Anita said...

Mary - I am on a roll and trying to keep it going. Really enjoying doing little paintings but ready to start something bigger.

Jeanette - I think you sometimes just have to wait until its the right time to do something.

Anne - its funny because I too tend to use the same brushes over and over - I'd discovered though that many of mine were coming apart at the ferule and that is why I splashed out.

Robyn - was inspired a lot by watching how you have developed this year and decided that you really only get those leaps forward by making yourself do something. So thank you!

Robyn said...

My jaw just hit the ground to think that I could inspire you, Anita! I'm really touched by the idea though, thank you and will use it to whip myself along. :)

Anita said...

Robyn - I am more inspired by people that I have known for a while on forums than I am by hugely famous artists. There is nothing like seeing others grow to make you want to catch up.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Anita - good to see you posting so actively again. If you want to be inspired by some sheets paintings take a look at Sally Strand's website.

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