Friday, November 28, 2008


I think that I have finished this commissioned portrait. As usual impossible task of photographing graphite work and getting the paper to look white even in monochrome. I will try and get a better photo of this.

Quick pastel - really liked the way the light was spilling round the edge of the canvases leaning up agains the window.

Taking the plunge today and putting the chair back onto my easel - figuratively as I only have a lightweight easel here and it wont take a canvas this large. This is where I left off. I admit to a feeling of trepidation at getting back to this piece but I feel a little more confident about putting the paint on the canvas and I am sure Michael will pull me up short the minute I put a brush wrong!

Cleared out my "studio" space this morning and now just need to find a way to set up a good still life area as there is a lot of light in this space from large windows on two wall


Mary said...

Excellent portrait Anita, I love the expression and the way you were able to render the graying, growing beard. An almost impossible task I would think!

Jeanette said...

Anita, you're so good at drawing hair. I just don't have the patience that you do when it comes to making it look so real.

The light coming round the canvases is intriguing. I love the effect of darkeness in it. Was it night?

Anonymous said...

that portrait is excellent! i love the beard


Anita said...

Mary - I swear I am never ever going to do another beard again. Anyone who wants a portrait that has a beard will be made to shave!

Jeanette - I find hair extremely difficult and its only staying patient and sticking with it that seems to make it work for me.

Anne - Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anita - you are the Queen of Graphite!! And I mean that with every positive connotation imaginable! That is as good a portrait as I've ever seen, and I've seen more than a few. So many positives, in fact, that dare not begin listing them all!

True Craftmanship, just delicious!

Anita said...

Anonymous - Thank you so much!

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