Sunday, November 02, 2008


I posted this last night but didn't write anything because I couldn't think of anything to say. I've spent several hours wondering if I should remove it as I really am not sure what I think of this piece. But of course every piece should be a learning experience and this was certainly one of those. When I set up the jug of water I spent quite a time positioning it so I would get lots of different colours in the water - I think this was probably not entirely wise as it made it very difficult. I also had set it up outside in the sunlight and of course that changed from minute to minute and had shifted considerably by the time I had finished. I might try this set-up again taking into consideration these points and hope to get something that overall pleases me more. All in all one to put down to experience and learn from.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty colors Anita.
I can see why this was a challenge for you. You don't just go for one challenge, you go for many at once.

Anita said...

You think I would learn that lesson, Robin!

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