Saturday, November 15, 2008

Half Full and Comfort Eating

Two little paintings this week - I think they are 6" x 8". Fun to do (especially at 4:00 in the morning when you can't sleep!)

I was thinking about style and does one choose to paint in a particular way and can you learn to paint against your nature, is it necessarily that you paint what you love or is the way you paint just the way you paint because it is the sort of person you are?


Anonymous said...

Love your little paintings Anita.
I know I can paint differently from time to time. I can paint carefully and slow, or quick and loose. I can paint extreme realism, or I can paint more abstract compositions. I can paint with rich colors or I can choose to use a very limited neutral palette.
I can draw carefully or quickly sketch a subject.
It is my belief that a "style" will emerge that has the artists name on it. The handwriting is evident in the brushstrokes.
You might search those artists that began painting realistically and then moved to abstract over time.

Jeanette said...

Impressive for 4am Anita.

I think that your style will always shine through, even if you try new techniques or mediums. There is something in each of use that sees the subject and portrays it a certain way. No matter what the medium or subject, I believe that will always be present.

flower girl said...

I love your work! is just awesome :)

Stacy said...

Anita, that donut looks like it was waiting to be a midnight snack! Nice paintings especially for 4am.

I just came from Jeanette's blog where she was also talking about style. The topics seems to be on a lot of people's minds. This summer I asked my family to sit down with all my paintings spread in front of them and tell me what similarities or patterns they saw. It was really interesting. I wrote my thoughts down too. I found it to be a helpful exercise in determining my style starting point.

Anita said...

Robin - maybe diversity is what keeps us fresh? But I have a feeling that Jeanette is right, the fundamental style remains the same.

Jeanette - As I said above to Robin, I think you are right. I think that its more about the physical way we paint/draw - the way we hold our pencils/brushes, that creates our style and that unless we changed that the style will remain the same.

Flower-Girl - Thank you! I went to look at your work on your blog, simply enchanting, but I could not comment. For some reason every time I clicked on the comment button it locked up my computer!

Stacy - good idea! I've gone back and looked at artists that I like and found that the predominate theme is that I like colour. Funny when I describe myself as essentially a monochrome person!

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