Saturday, November 29, 2008


I recently made a list of my favourite artists and wrote down why I liked their work - the artists are many and varied in style, Monet, Bonnard, Seurat, Macke, Thiebaud, Diebenkorn, Hopper, Rothko to name a few. The predominant theme that ran through my little discourse was colour. It struck me as strange that something that I find so difficult myself, is what I love in other's work. I discussed this with Michael Newberry in my mentor session last night and decided that I need to use colour more as a concept within my work. So I have gone back to revisit the cotton reels as they are nicely brightly coloured and will use these as a base for a few more small works, experimenting with colour in seeing how it positions itself in space according to its hue and saturation.

Today I went to a bazaar of local handicrafts which was very interesting. Wonderful sight of hundreds of Persian, Afghani and Pakistani rugs spread over the grass. The majority of the carpets are reds and blues but amidst them there was one that stood out in the crowd (no I didn't buy it)- it was a Tabriz carpet from North-Western Iran, 80% silk, 20% wool. In each of the four directions that you could look at it, it took on different colours. One way it was the most delicate pale steely blue, in the opposite direction it was apricot, from one side it was pale silvery and the final side a deep goldy colour - just unbelievable. The tufts were very fine - about 800 knots to the square inch. The central panel was a snake design, interwoven snake-like emblems, very different from any other rugs I have seen. And the tufts were cut at different lengths in the pattern so there was the added textural differences. Just absolutely beautiful.

I may not have bought that, but I did buy three copper pots, one large with a brass base, rather rustic, the middle sized is engraved all over the outer surface and is slightly over an 1/8th of an inch thick and the smallest one was unpolished - a sort of old pewter colour. I love the warmth of the colour of copper.

It is rare for me to be out in the middle of the day - during the week I would be at work and on the weekend at home, so it was quite a novelty to be outside those two places. Now we are in late autumn it is dark in the morning when we leave for work and nearly dark when we get home so I have missed seeing how the landscape is changing with the coming of winter. The colours are wonderful, leaves are varied from a deep golden yellow, to a more acid yellow, burnished coppery pinks to deep apricot, and the most wonderful deep rosey reds. I'd forgotten how wonderful autumn can be!


KJ said...

I found your blog in the Blogger Play of iGoogle. I was drawn by your lovely drawings and, behold, I found an eye-candy store when I got here. I love your work!

You must have quite a story to tell with your different homes around the world! I think I saw that you have lived in Mexico, too?

Have a wonderful evening. It's daytime here in Southern California.

Hugs, KJ

Robyn said...

That blue is glowing with its own energy. Glad to hear The Chair is stepping back into the spotlight.

The portrait commission is wonderful - the hair is amazing and you make me want to know him. He can't ask for more than that! You make these graphite drawings look so effortless, Anita. Brava.

Deborah Ross said...

Anita, your portrait is breathtaking! The facial hair is something I could not have pulled off and you have made it look so believable.
I could just imagine that carpet as you described it. How beautiful. It must be really interesting to live there and see all of the things we just read about.

Anita said...

KJ - Thank you!

Robyn - Effortless? You made me laugh - if you saw the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair you would change your mind!

Deborah - Thank you for such kind words. I love your paintings - such fun!

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