Sunday, November 09, 2008

Piece of Apple

My paints arrived on Friday!

Spent a fun couple of hours with this apple. As usual I got way too tied up with the detail. I need to limit myself to big brushes - very hard to become detail oriented with big brushes. I'd like to thank Joe Lacorte who sent me a link to a picture of his still life set up which showed me how to get good lighting.

I spent a good portion of yesterday watching videos on YouTube with demonstrations by Duane Keiser, Bill Groats, Carol Marine and others from the Painting a Day Group. What a treat to watch such accomplished artists at work - they make it look so easy! With the premise that practice makes perfect I am going to try to do some sort of artwork every day. Not promising a painting a day!

Portraits are coming back into my life - I have a commission for a friend and I also signed up for the annual WetCanvas! portrait exchange as an excuse to try out a new medium - thinking of either charcoal or watercolour.


Jeanette said...

Gorgeous apple Anita, I love the reflected colours.

I've signed up for the Portrait swap as well. It should be great fun.

Anonymous said...

its chest is all puffed up. Hope you feel the same. Paints are yummy, and they make you want to play with them every day. Hope you do...

Anita said...

Thank you Jeanette. The portrait swap can be fun - this will be third time I've taken part.

Robin - hoping to put more paint in my life. Having to move to waterbased oils for the time being as the paint thinner I got has turned out to be something quite different and has stripped all the varnish off the handles of my brushes - what a sticky mess!

Lisa Lorenz said...

WOW..Anita..I am totally blown away..This apple is just amazing. It is jumping out at me..I want to take a bite. Bravo for such a gorgeous painting

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