Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Primary Colours

When I came home tonight I wasn't in the mood to paint at all and I spent at least an hour fussing about what to do, hovering between a pastel and doing my daily painting. The more I thought that I wouldn't do a little painting, the more guilty I felt and so I ended up with this.

As Robyn noted in my last post - I seem to be a little stuck on reds - so here I tried to introduce some other colours. I know that green is a major problem for me so I should really do something that will help me overcome that. The photo is not the clearest, I'm having a horrible time getting photos as its dark when I get home and no matter what I do they don't seem entirely accurate. If anyone has any suggestions on photographing work in the winter ..............

One thing that painting these little pictures has done for me is show me that I do also really enjoy doing more substantive work. Beginning to think seriously about starting a major piece (and finishing the blessed chair!).


Robyn said...

I was rejoicing in your wonderful use of red, Anita - not thinking you were 'stuck' on it. Keep these beautiful little gems coming - they are a daily treat.

Hopefully someone will come up with tips for photographing art in this cold winter light - I go dashing out with camera and painting at the first hint of sunlight. Goodness knows what the neighbours think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, I love this, I've always wanted to do a still life with thread spools!

how big are these? little ones are extremely hard to photograph even in the best lighting conditions. I usually can't get anything smaller than 9x12 to look decent.

However, for works 9x12 and larger, I find the best thing to do is photograph them outside on an overcast day. So you might be better off saving the week's worth of work until the weekend when you are home. Even if they are smaller, the overcast light method makes them look better, but still not perfect.

I'm sure there is a more complex way to professionally photograph them, I'm just not that well versed in photographic methods. Shooting outside for web images usually works well enough for me.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see you exploring.
I am with you in the finish the major piece thinking. Lets cheer each other on please.

(haha - my word verification is formint...a sign that you need to paint some mints my friend)

Anita said...

Robyn - I had also noticed my tendency to red and you just made me think of other colours.

Anne - this one was 4" x 6" - teeny! Will try again when I am home in the daylight to get a better picture. Thanks for the tips.

Robin - you are on, though I am not setting a deadline like you. Will try and find some mints just for you!

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