Thursday, November 27, 2008

Midnight Feast

There is nothing like milk and biscuits in the middle of the night (biscuits = cookies for the Americans, not those other biscuits!). I was thrilled to find there were Oreos in stock this week and pounced on them like they were a gold bar! Got very funny look from other shoppers when I whooped with glee! I have to admit that they proved a great deal harder to paint than to eat.

We ventured out tonight as I had heard of a store where they supposedly had art materials and I was looking for canvases as I am running out of little ones. Its the first time I have been out when the shopping markets have been very busy and it was quite an experience. Hundreds of people milling around, though I did notice there were few women. Smile of the night was for the "chippies" (sellers of chips/fries) - a small table with a single gas flame ring with a big metal bowl acting as deep fryer. On the table were a pile of defrosted frozen crinkle cut chips/fries waiting to be cooked to order. I could just imagine Health Inspectors the western world over having heart failure if they saw them. Not entirely sure I would want to buy fries from them either! The "art store" had a very basic art supply section, with two really badly made canvases. I will be putting in an order to the States today!

Another Thanksgiving Day and I still haven't had one Stateside yet! The section that we work with are all meeting today in the bosses house for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is bringing something to the feast and my donation is a pecan pie with pecans straight from Georgia. I was wondering if I could sneak a slice out to paint without anyone noticing!



Art De Bustillos said...

Great painting! And very lively writing! The cookies and milk just look delicious. I do hope you get to sneak a piece of that pie, so you can share with all of us!

Kim said...

mmmmm Anita ..some rather delectable works of late Anita :)

Jeanette said...

This turned out really well. I love the definition you've given the biscuits and the shadows on the glass.

Oreos...I'm likely the odd one out here, but I hate them. However, some to paint would be ok, I'd just need to get a volunteer to eat them.

Funny about the 'chippy' in your wandering. Yes, can you imagine Health Inspectors this side of world seeing that? On the other hand I think things are too sterile here now. Even fish and chips are hermetically sealed virtually when you buy them! :)

Anita said...

Kim - thank you. The pie was good - but got eaten so no pie to share. Oh well, I'll just have to make another one!

Kim/Laketrees - thank you for commenting!

Jeanette - I have to agree with you about things being too sterile.

Stacy said...

Anita, I love your milk and cookies! My mom buys Oreos every week for my dad. I've never known their house to be without. Must say I normally have them in the cabinet too. In fact I drew some in the charcoal I did with Michael. And you are right, they are tough to draw, especially stacked like that!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your meal was delicious!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Oh Anita...this is smashing work....making me want an oreo. I hear you about finding things aborad in places that dont often have our food. When I was in Korea, I would go crazy when I saw things from back home and would buy them all! LOL....wishing you a lovely day. xoxo Lisa

Mary said...

Anita you are no-stop and I am so glad to see that. Excellent little painting of the glass and oreos. Your writing of the chippies reminds me so much of what I see on the streets in some places in Mexico. Not appetizing in the least!

Robyn said...

Wow, I love this painting, Anita - the biscuits are exceptionally good. I have no idea what they are but I bet they are wicked.

Of course the pecan pie has me drooling (yes, I know, too much information) because I do know what that is. The frozen chips make me sad because I love the food from Asian street markets and can't believe frozen (for how long!) chips have corrupted that as well.

Anita said...

Stacy - I normally wont have cookies in the house - an open packet usually means an empty packet and I am wearing them around my hips.

Lisa - I do that kind of hoarding all the time - how many bags of blueberries do i have in my freezer at the moment?

Mary - I am trying to keep the momentum up.

Robyn - oreos - chocolate biscuits with a creamy filling- delish!

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