Monday, February 09, 2009

Old Seascape

Seascape, acrylic on panel (seriously old piece!)

I may not be creating but I have got down to a number of things on my admin list (getting good at one hand typing!).
Ordered business cards with image on one side and name, website and email address on the other.
Also postcards and greeting cards.

A number of people have suggested I try left-handed work (I am very right-handed) and as I am going to have some extra time. Might turn out that I work better that way. Doodled an apple this afternoon in CP, discovered that I can't even draw a straight line , so "colouring" was decidedly outside the lines! I think abstract might work a little better! MRI results were severe bruising, ordered to rest it completely. Hopefully will be a fast recovery.

THANK YOU to everyone for your good wishes.


Lisa Lorenz said...

Beautifullllll!!!!!!!!! the water and rocks and colours. seeing lots of nice pinks. I too, did some biz cards with an image on back and info on front. Makes it more interesting and give a little sample of our work. have a great week. Sorry to hear about your hand/arm. What happened I wish you a fast recovery..xoxo Lisa

Lisa Lorenz said...

Just read now..2nd post about your shoulder...Poor you. hope you get better fast...I can imagine how frustrating it must be when we injure our workign hand.

Billie Crain said...

Yowza! this is loaded with great energy! great seascape, Anita!

Mary said...

This is a beautiful piece Anita! I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and I know how painful it is, I dislocated mine a couple of years ago. I had to keep it braced to my side and in a sling for three weeks but fortunately it healed completely. I'm sure you will come up with something suprising with your left hand. :)

Anita said...

Lisa - I'm looking forward to getting my cards. I got lots of different images on them.

Billie - thank you. Its from days when I painted out of instinct, rather than being more analytical. Not sure if you don't lose something when you start thinking too much.

Mary - I am hoping it wont take too long to heal. Being very good and not moving it at all.

Jeanette said...

This piece is vibrant. I like it a lot. Often first instinct does work better than consideration and planning. In many things.

Its funny as I accidentally came across some old pieces this weekend while looking for something else entirely. Once past the cringe stage, I then analyze them minutely. Its good to look back and see where you go and how you change over time.

tlwest said...

very cool piece! It looks like an oil! I am so glad there is no serious damage. now follow all the rules and you will be fine and back painting in no time!

Anita said...

Jeanette - my daughter has this piece. Its one of the few that I can look at and not cringe. My sister has a couple that need to be thrown away but she says she loves them.

Terri - Trying to follow the rules, but dying to get back to work.

vivien said...

nice :>)

I think the ideal is instinct first, tempered with the analytical

and I hope you are soon better - ouch! it sounds very painful.

Terry Banderas said...

Beautifully done. Ocean looks very real. Nice spray.

Anita said...

VIvien - its finding that magical balance!

Terry - thank you!

Clarence said...
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