Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lake Reflection

I've been considering ordering new canvases or panels - can't decide between the two. I have to start thinking about this long before I run out because or the time it takes for things to arrive. The question then raised some others in my mind. What sizes to order? Typically I paint on square or pretty normally proportioned canvases. But I am also drawn to oddly proportioned canvases - the long and skinny ones. I have come to the conclusion that the subject dictates the proportions of the canvas/panel that you use. I do wonder if more experienced artists have a permanent collection of differing sized panels and canvases - what sort of expense does that entail? I daresay its much easier when you have a ready source and can just buy a few at a time but with delays in postage I really have to buy at least a couple of dozen at once. I know I said that already - the postage delay thing.

So panels or canvas? I really like the boing factor of canvas, the spring back. But I do begin to think that I would be better off working on panels at least for smaller pieces. I have studied what is available on the market and am somewhat swamped by the choices - wood panels, gessoboard, linen covered panels, cotton canvas covered - both wooden and hardboard - the choices are endless! In my student days we used hardboard, nailed to a wooden cradle, sanded lightly with a fine sandpaper and primed with acrylic paint. One artist that I have been studying lately uses unprimed canvas and she stretches them over hardboard after the painting is completed. And Bonnard used to stick unstretched canvas on the walls and painted a number of pieces at one time (his methods are very interesting and worth reading about). I still haven't come to a conclusion about what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Billie Crain said...

Anita, the other day i suggested panels to you but then you will have framing expenses to add to the cost. maybe canvases would be a better choice in the long run? i love the long narrow format! get a few of those. maybe 3 and do a triptych?

btw, the image on your post isn't showing. is it me or you?

Jeanette said...

I guess it all depends on what you intend to do with them to some degree as well as your own preferences.

I have a mix of stretched canvasses as well as a ton of canvas panels in various sizes that I buy like candy from the dollar store to practice on.

Currently I found a local source of realllly well priced gallery canvasses, so I use those for what I hope will be my better paintings. Or perhaps using them urges me to try harder.

The gallery canvasses save me framing costs as well. Panels are easier to fit into off the rack framing, while stretched canvasses seem to cost me an arm and a leg to frame.

I can't see your image either Anita. Or is it one of those 'lake in a snowstorm' paintings?? :)

Teresa Mallen said...

I'm happy to report that I can see your image and it is gorgeous! Love the colours!!

Kim said...

lovely painting Anita
very Monet..esque
as for my ideal when it comes to what to paint on I would choose stretched's magic for me ..ohh...and gallery wrapped

Robyn said...

How's your shoulder, Anita. We're missing our daily treats. :)

Nick said...

Canvas, panels, whatever...but every painting has its perfect size, never forget that!

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