Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Pastels

Half of my birthday present arrived today - yes I know its late but better late than never. A lovely box of hard pastels. I just love the way these colours all look in the box. Now I have to figure out how to use them! I've read some interesting techniques lately and I want to experiment a little an see how they work for me. Not sure if what I want to do will work with Mi Teintes paper I'm going to have fun playing! Also received a couple of new colours to add to my oil paint collection - mineral violet and quinacridone gold.

Transport for getting around work - if you are too lazy to walk!

There was a feeling of spring in the air here today. Though there was a slight ground frost this morning by lunchtime it was lovely and sunny and wonderfully warm without being too hot. Its amazing how nice weather can put a smile on your face. Several locals were out gathering firewood. There is a lot of development near work and they were out collecting up the chopped down branches and piling them into huge mounds and tying them onto the back racks of their bicycles. Down by the river people were out doing their washing and draping the wet clothes over the branches of trees that lean over the water. Cars were lined up being washed. The batting nets were up and cricket practice was in full swing - I've never seen two or three games being played in such a small area! I wonder if the outfielders get muddled as to which ball they are supposed to be playing with! On our street business was as usual - a policemen praying on the pavement, his washing draped on the guy ropes of his tent. Neighbours sitting on their haunches, drinking tea and passing the time of day. Boys kicking a football on the street, guards leaning against the walls, their weapons slung over their shoulders.


花蓮 said...
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Jeanette said...

Beautiful colours. You have so many possibilities with these Anita. Don't you just love getting new art things?

I love the verbal snapshot of your world. I wish you could sketch it too.

Nicole said...

Wow! What a great set of pastels! Have fun with them!

Mary said...

Gorgeous colors Anita, I also want to see what you do with your new oils.

Some of the things you describe in Pakistan remind me so much of rural Mexico even the weather today.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

These look like Conte a Paris rather than Nu Pastel to me - am I right?

I very much recommend breaking each one in half before you begin to work with them and then you'll have a working half and a pristine half. The latter is very helpful when you want clean sharp lines.

Now when are you going to start using abrasive supports and really soft pastels too? :)

Anita said...

Jeanette - I wish I could sketch here too. I keep seeing these little snapshots of Pakistani life and have no way to record them.

Nicole - I intend to!

Mary - I remember seeing things like that in Mexico too.

Katherine - They are Nu-pastels. I am looking at other supports but have no idea what to get.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Interesting - they look thinner than I remember.

Try taking a look at my Pastels - Resources for Artists information site

Robyn said...

Hi have a beautiful box of those Nu-pastels - I have them on display like a box of jewels because I sure as heck can't make them make beautiful pictures! I love your pastel drawings, Anita so this is a good sign we are going to see more.

I love the little glimpses you give us of local life, it must be very frustrating not to be able to sketch it all.

Your local transport looks like fun. You could do Sketches from my Mule.;)

tlwest said...

You know its like a brand new box of crayons! I dont want to touch them-- I just want to look at them-- will have to get two sets: one to look at and one to use!

Lisa Lorenz said...

OH those pastels are gorgeous and inviting. Your transport machine looks so fun and groovy. anxious to see what you do with the new hard pastels. xoxox Lisa

Anita said...

Katherine - thank you for the link - I will take a look. I'm a little lost with this kind of pastel.

Robyn - I haven't actually driven one of these Mules preferring to walk as its all the exercise I have been getting lately.

Terri - YES! Great idea!

Lisa - I'm looking forward to seeing what I do with them too! YIKES!

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