Friday, June 23, 2006

Which medium?

"The dilemma every artist confronts, again and again, is when to stick with familiar tools and materials and when to reach out and embrace those that offer new possibilities......." Art and Fear

I want to try everything - according to Art and Fear I am in the young artist phase and its as I become more sure of myself that I will settle to fewer mediums. In the meanwhile I go on buying more and different mediums in the hope one will speak to me loud enough to tell me this is the one!

I love graphite, but I also find it rather easy so feel that I wont reach with it because it is not such a struggle. Whereas oils are a daily challenge, from mixing the paint to applying it. Its a battle of wills and I often wonder who will win it - me or the paint. Maybe watercolour will be a happy medium for me!


Katherine said...

Try pastels. I love drawing with pencil and struggled with watercolour for ages. And then I went on a holiday with somebody who used pastel - and that was it.

I think some people lean strongly towards dry media and some people love brushwork and use brushes. I strongly suspect you're the former.

The test? Which do you get the most buzz from - the feel of your dry media on paper or from the brush on canvas?

Mary said...

Anita I think you are an artist that excells at every medium you try and as Gavin told me yesterday, an artist should try every medium.

Stoy said...

I had a similar experience trying out watercolor, pastels, graphite, and oils, taking classes for each and trying to decide which medium speaks to me the most. It's costly and takes time to figure it out, but what suits my temperment became the prominent choice. I did not survive watercolor, since control was the issue for me. Oils is surely a test in itself, but what draws me to it is my appreciation of oil paintings done by others, particularly alla prima where I can "see" where the artist directed his brush. What medium and style do you appreciate visually and apply that to your choice. The more of something you like to look at, the more you will find motivation to stick to and pursue that for yourself despite the difficulties.

If you try watercolor, you may be pleasantly surprised, but as far as graphite, perhaps challenge yourself with a new style of drawing! Be realistic as possible by being as loose in your style as possible or find a radically different subject.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Anita, have you tried pen and ink? I know you have great control over graphite and perhaps that may be something that appeals as well.

It does take a lot of experimenting to finally decide on what is 'your' medium and be known to be proficient in it.

am-art said...

Katherine - I have some pastel pencils I bought recently - packet is still unopened - but do intend to try them soon.

Mary - thank you!!!

Stoy - great advice. New subjects are something that I have been thinking of recently. Maybe that is the way to go.

Jeanette - pen and ink are an enigma to me. Apart from having several pens clog up on me, I just don't have the patience.


Beck said...

I understand where your at Anita.
I am having the same "dilemma" on deciding on a medium.
The medium I use at the time is also very dependent on the mood i am in and
my subject.
If I have a large big easel and studio space.. oils.. especially when i am
at somewhere other then my house.. because it is so messy.
i love watercolour on the beach.. watercolour and beach is just so relaxing
and romantic to me. i dont work well with pen when i am tired.. because
making mistakes is often hard to fix. pastel is always lots of fun because it gets all over
your hands and because it also brings back great memories of being a child.
When I am drawing architecture I heavily enjoy using copic markers. If I ever could see my art
becoming a career it would most likely be architecture/package design/logos.. all technical type art..
along with websites.. so i take copic marker, coloured pencil and digital art work very seriously.. as compared to the other mediums which are just used for fun. Anita, once you have mastered the pencil (graphite) anything is possible! You are fortunate enough to be the few that can. Anything is possible once you can draw. Just comes down to practice. The good thing about your ordinary HB pencil is that you always seem to have one.. it wont cost you an arm and a leg.. no mess.. and in my view the most important medium to grasp. As mentioned earlier.. once you have mastered the pencil.. anything is possible. Best of luck fiddling with mediums. I'm in the same boat as you. I hope we can figure this out together. Just make sure you keep an eye on the piggy bank.
By the way this is pugdoglover from wetcanvas. I stalked you down :) rofl.
Beck :D

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