Friday, June 16, 2006

Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Mango Frappucino

Wonderful colour of Mango Frappucino and the pink of salmon rolled mixed with the green of lettuce - I've scarcely done it credit!

Setting goals - I am trying to set myself some achievable goals together with Robin. The infamous body of work still sits there wanting consideration and now we are also trying to decide on whether we will apply for competition/shows/art groups and if so which ones. Seeing others with a measure of success is both encouraging and at the same time rather depressing. You begin to wonder what it is your own work lacks that you haven't been recognised. Of course you have to put it out there in the first place and suffer the possibility of rejection. I had planned a couple of competitions this year but seem to have let those goals slip so Next Year - there is no turning back! Confidence is my biggest hurdle - I need to work on that!

Delivered this yesterday.


Mary said...

This portrait is superb!

Your sandwich sketch is so good it should be featured in a sketchbook magazine.

fireman's kid said...

The portrait turned out fantastic!! The dark value of the jacket plays off the lighter value of the skin so well. As for the sketch...were you one of the people who wasn't so comfortable sketching at the beginning of Katherine's class?? If so, I think you were fooling us. This sketch was done by a pro. I love it!

Anita said...

Thank you Mary! The sandwich tasted pretty good too!!!

Stacy - absolutely hated drawing in public. Doing this was a little uncomfortable, it was more obvious I was drawing as I used coloured pencils.

blumoon said...

Love this sketch. The portrait turned out amazing.
I think we are on the right track. At least we are on the path. ;)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Great sketch Anita and a fabulous portrait. Just lovely.

Kathleen Marie said...

A beautiful portrait!

I love your new blog... hope to pop in here often to make sure you are getting your work "out there". You are so talented. Keep believing it!

am-art said...

Blu - its good to have such good friends on the same path!

Hi Jeanette - thank you for coming by!!

Kathleen - thank you!

Robin Neudorfer said...

Do not make time for that negative voice. It will rear its ugly head, but you just tell it to go find somebody else to bother. I am just astounded by not only the portraits that you have "delivered", but the other work that you are accomplishing. The best is still on the action board (or in the freezer).
Just don't forget me when you become famous.

Katherine said...

This is looking good with colour added - I like the loose hatching lines

And your portrait work is excellent - are you staying with pencil or switching to painting (in oils?)portraits?

Don't worry about taking it slow to start with. Research all you need to know and use your time wisely. Far better to make the right choices showly then act quickly and regret at length

Stoy said...

Hi there Anita, I like your new blog, wonderful portrait!! When setting goals, there will always be that element of uncertainty that is natural. I have no doubt, if you find the right audience and get a momentum going in exposure of your work, the rest will really take care of itself. Give it your all!

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