Sunday, June 11, 2006

Portrait - a step further

Need to do more work on darkening the skin tones in comparison with the uniform - even though he has very pale skin I think it could do with some more tonal values. In the photo I used for this he was wearing a tank top/vest and I really didn't like the way it looked so I took another photo I had of him to get the uniform right.

Went out this morning before my other half was awake to do some sketching. Wonderful morning, cool but not unbearably, sunlight filtering through the leaves, no traffic, a few people taking some exercise round the park, perfect for sketching without disruptions. All the restaurants were setting up for breakfast. Mexico is playing Iran today in the World Cup so they are taking advantage of the possible extra business by setting up large screen TVs. Great moments was the elderly Jewish man, dressed in dark trousers, white shirt, tie, trainers and yamulka and doing his speed walking round the park. Also an elderly lady selling bunches of violets. I have fallen in love with palm trees. I love the shape of the fronds and the way they catch the light on one side on the leaves and what shows in the light is the dark spaces between and on the other side of the frond its the leaves that are defined by the shadows - wonderful Ying-Yang thing!


Mary said...

The unifor, tie and shirt are looking so crisp and nice.

RC said...

Hi Anita!
Nice work, as always!

Now that I found your blog I can follow your work more closely.


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