Saturday, June 03, 2006

Teensy weensy sketch book



Sketches from this week. I'm finding sketching in small format quite hard. Instinct for sketching is to be loose and this definitely isn't. Thinking of working in pen next week - something about ink is freeing in some way - if you make a mistake you can't do anything about it. I've ordered watercolour moleskines too.

New problem to overcome - I will be at least two months without my art making stuff so need to think how to take a small amount with me. We are going to be travelling for at least three weeks (Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Iowa and then DC), and then a month there before our stuff will arrive and I would like to have some art making things with me to sketch and possibly do some watercolours. Looking at boxes that will hold a reasonable amount of stuff without taking up huge amounts of space or weighing a lot. More research time!
I've been reading about how to get representation. What is recommended - build a body of work - that doesn't mean lots of things on lots of different subjects but one subject, in many different ways. They go on to say to do 12 in the same format of the same subject. Eg id you paint flowers they should be one sort of flower and only one colour of that one sort of flower. Interesting thought, but is it true?


Firenman's Kid said...

Hi Anita! Make sure you get in touch with me when you make it to DC. I'd love to see you. And remember, you can always buy art supplies wherever you are. Then you only need to worry about getting them home. haha.

Michelle Himes said...

I hope it's not true. I think I would go crazy painting the same thing so many times.


Anita said...

Stacy!!! Good to see you! I am hoping to see you in DC.

Michelle - I am with you on that. Think it drive me crazy painting the same thing twice!

Anonymous said...

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Katherine said...

Anita - think of it another way round. If somebody was going to try and sell you, how could you make it easy for them? Does your work lend itself to being described in a couple of fairly simple sentences which have nice meaty 'hook' key words in them (like 'landscapes' or 'portraits'? If it doesn't then you're making life very hard for a representative

So what is it that you "do"? If you can answer that simply then you'll know what they need to know about you.

There's also the thing about having a sufficient quantity to be able to show you have strength in depth (ie you can keep doing the same sort of thing and not get bored with it). Because once they sell you as the lady who does those wonderful drawings/paintings of "whatever" - you better like doing "whatever"!

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