Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not another Portrait!!!

I really don't intend to become a portrait artist. But it seems its all I do right now. I have a painting on my easel and cannot finish it because the portraits keep getting in the way! Having said that if I could ever master portraits in colour I would be very happy. For some reason the colour defeats me completely. I have bought more tubes of paint looking for an elusive skin tone - yellows and reds and greens and violets and a dozen more colours in between. Every portrait I like I ask what the recipe is for the skin and go and buy the colours suggested but it must be the way I mix because I never end up with anything remotely like the colour I wanted to emulate!

Does anyone have a good skin tone recipe?


Mary said...

Anita, this is going to be another gorgeous portrait. I don't think you can escape being a portrait artist with these skills.

Robin Neudorfer said...

These two have got to be the cutest. After seeing the red hair, you have to find the recipe. I will help you search, because I want you to do one for me.

blumoon said...

Hi Anita, have you tried this skin tone recipe?
'Yellow ochre, crimson lake, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, & white'.
Of course since I paint in acrylic, and there is no crimson lake, I usually use acra crimson instead.
You have to experiment with the proportions. I have found this works for a variety of skin tones, depending on the proportions you mix.

Katherine said...

Anita - I can see your images if I click on the post title and go to the individual page for that post - but not in the main blog! I've got the same problem on a number of Blogger blogs - but not all - weird or what!?

am-art said...

Mary - thank you for your encouragement!

Robin - you do??? Are you crazy???

Blu - thanks for recipe - I will try that out on my next attempt!

Katherine - that is weird! I've never come across that problem before!


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