Friday, September 01, 2006

Sand, Sand and more Sand!

Endless miles of brown sandy landscape.
City of sandy brown houses.
No photography allowed.
Hot, Very Hot, VERY VERY HOT, dry, Very Dry, VERY VERY DRY.


Firemans Kid said...

Hi Anita! It sounds like you have arrived in Saudia Arabia. Good to know you are safe. Hope you find yourself settled and happily creating very soon.

Stoy Jones said...

Shucks, I have been enjoying the pictures of your travels so far. Hope you gather much inspiration!

The Epiphany Artist said...

I know same here same here Geeeshhhh I wanted to see... Oh well Dont get in trouble then :) Hope you have airconditioning! Sounds like the the scene from DUNE
may be you better stick some nose plugs in and conserve WATER!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Restrictions on photography, but no restrictions on drawing I presume?

Heat and sand, isn't that the dream of 90% of the world who are going into fall and winter now? :o) I know you'll find ways to deal with the landscape and lifestyle and it will inspire you to create.

Robin Neudorfer said...

just think... this will be your neutral phase. Look for the color in the shadows, and the sky. Yes... look upward. Close the blinds, and pull out color. Glorious color. Wear color, eat color, paint color. I agree with Jeanette, you will find a way to express yourself. All of that color that is taken for granted, will now be cherished.
Now go drink your water.

Rose Bard said...

Hi Anita, good to hear you arrived at your destination and hope you settle soon to do lots os great art. Just got back online, after few weeks without internet, you have lovely pics from your trip. My best wishes in the new place. :)

blumoon said...

Hey Anita, I am going to jump on and join your cheering section.
No photography! EEK. I really wanted to see pictures of the desert. Oh well, maybe you will draw it for us.
I suppose this is the perfect opportunity to concentrate on your art. Cheers!

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