Saturday, September 30, 2006

Desert view

So today I sneaked this photo while I was out on photography assignment for work. Its also pretty much my first view of what lies outside our compound. Maybe this next weekend I will wander out along the wadi and see what there is out there - apart from sand!

Have started working on some sketches - trying to think of the symbolic. Echoes of University and conceptual art - you know its serious when you have to try and think of why and what instead of just doing. Brainstorming and trying to pinpoint what I want to say in my art.


Katherine said...

Hi Anita - I'm back to having problems seeing your images until a week later - and I'm still not sure why. Are you on Blogger Beta or posting images from a another host which my firewall blocks?

Anyway - I have an idea for you for you in your new sandy idyll! 11 months of creativity - work from your imagination for a change and see what happens. I've just been to Bert Dodson and saw the page proofs of his new book and was amazed at all the techniques that you can use to stimulate creativity. You're such a good realist that a quick shot of creative work with your imagination will surely expand your overall artistic muscles! ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like you're in the kingdom of saudi arabia, i'm not sure...

thanks for visiting my site, i still got one more site,
feel free to visit, it's still unfinished, i just posted the images and no comments, later those comments on how i did them...

feel free to ask about your curiosities on my works,,, i'll give you back my answer, the best i could..

enjoy viewing.

alfred galura

Mary said...

Anita this is very interesting and I can see how you must be dying to get your hands on your brushes and paint. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you find if you wander out. Hope you don't wander too far.

Stoy Jones said...

Very fascinating about your experiences so far! I'm sure you can come up with a lot of ideas being in a different culture and landscape. I admire those who can work conceptially! Great sketches and look forward to more.

blumoon said...

Wow, that landscape is really something. Hope you get your painting supplies soon! Keep us posted.

am-art said...

Katherine - I don't understand why you are having problems - I'm not using Beta or loading my images from outside blogger. I am starting a series of work - more to come on that. I do not intend to be stifled artistically at all being here!

Alfred - thanks for visiting. Will look at your new blog.

Mary - fat chance at wandering anywhere!!!

Stoy - Conceptual is just another way of thinking - or maybe just thinking about what you put in a piece and why. At University we were not allowed to just do something to do it but had to be able to justify why.

Blu - Hi!!!

Katherine said...

Anita - it's so frustrating - I'm having the same problem with a few other people using Blogger and then not at all with others. Weird or what!?!
Today I can see pictures and will go back and comment on other I can actually see them

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