Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One week on

No art as yet though I fully intend to get down to it by the end of this week. Thinking a lot about interiors and also some still lifes. In our new home we have some interior angles that are very interesting and might lend themselves to some Hopperesque work.

I am a little stumped by the no photography rule here though one girl at work says she has taken photographs in the Souk and no-one said anything to her. Not sure if I am that brave though!

Found out that it will be a while before my art stuff appears, maybe even as long as 2 months - which reduces my serious painting time here to 10 months. I am also going to have to be very strict about not attending every party that we are invited to! Or at least not feeling that we have to stay from the start to the finish. Will be a little easier when we have something to do at home other than sleep.

At work there are the most beautiful, large (4ft by 5ft on average)photographs of the countryside here. I hope we will get the opportunity to get out and see some of these sights. I need to find out if this is possible.

"Sunshine all the time makes a desert" - Arabian proverb


Robin Neudorfer said...

...at least a picture of you and the Prince.
We need a post a day Anita, so that we can live this adventure with you.

vivien said...

Hi Anita

I hope you're settling in - shame about the art materials but with work like you can do in just pencil you've no excuses!

look forward to seeing your new work - oh and I love the abstract photos - they'd be a good start for some interesting work.


The Epiphany Artist said...

hey you see anyone looking like Omar Sharrif? :)

Stoy Jones said...

That is interesting. If you can't use the camera, surely they won't mind you drawing and painting from life! :)

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