Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I haven't posted anything for months - been in a hiatus. Working on tweaking a number of pieces by "warping the negative space" and finding the method extremely interesting.

The Backboard is one piece that I have produced - somewhat more graphic than my previous pieces. I was drawn to the shadows and shapes here more than anything.

We are back to that time of year with another move looming - 22 days till we get out of here and I can't wait. The summer has been very hot with temperatures ranging from 100 to 116 degrees. The monsoon was supposed to arrive last week and as yet has not shown itself. Its like nature is waiting for it to arrive - all the trees are stressed beyond belief, the leaves are curling and grass has shriveled and burnt ochre in the sun. News from India is of only 25% of the normal rainfall and the fear is that the rain just wont get here.

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