Thursday, October 12, 2006

Drawing towards a goal

I signed up with Michael Newberry's mentorship programme and am really excited about the direction this is going to take my artwork. Having to think more about the why in what I am doing I hope will make the art more engaging. I do believe that work that the artist was excited about and was involved in a personal level adds something extra.

The drawings are just sketches that I am going to develop into drawings and later into paintings working through various stages - composition, light, colour and on to the final piece.

In subject matter I am trying to be more symbollic though these symbols maybe entirely personal to me and not recognised by the viewer, bringing in that personal excitement and involvement. I hope that others will get something from the work too.

My art materials arrived at last so I have no excuses anymore to not do any work. Unpacking tubes of paint was like finding old friends.


Mary said...

Anita, I am happy for you. Being the excellent artist you are this will take you to a very high level.

Katherine said...

How nice to get your paints back - now all you need to do is adjust to the different drying times!

I'll be interested to see how your mentorship programme goes.

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