Friday, August 11, 2006

Portrait from Iowa

I finally got an photo of this to post on here. I'm not entirely happy with it but can't figure out why its not quite right. I might play with it some more. If you comment please note that her adoring Grandmother looks at my blog! :-) The photo has come out much darker than the drawing.

Finding time here in Iowa to think more about art and trying to gather thoughts and make lists of directions I want to move in. I've been taken by an interest in architecture and particularly urban architecture which might make you laugh after my comment a couple of posts back about not wanting to be able to see my neighbours and a leaning towards a hermit like existance! Also as I think I said before, still life of seemingly unrelated objects.

Hoping to get out and do some plein aire sketching here - hope I can find some of the legendary barns of Iowa. Or maybe I will just do corn fields! Would also like to spend a day down on the Mighty Mississippi painting.


Karen said...

As the adoring Grandmother of this little girl and the adoring aunt of the very talented artist I have to say the sketch is stunning. It is very near a perfect likeness. I am not at all partial. lol

The Epiphany Artist said...

haha!! to above :)
Hey I think my dad may be up in Iowa somewhere next week! He may be going to a Petty Reunion or something !

Stoy said...

Sounds like you have a winner with that portrait! Interesting ideas on urban architecture. It could be what you feel about the subject that compels you to consider it. Barns are good subjects too, lots of character to explore there. One never knows where it takes you. Last of all, wonderful pics of your trip! I know it doesn't seem like much out there, but I loved my travels through that area of the country years ago!

Mary said...

Anita, I think this is a stunning portrait but all of your's are. The child has a gorgeous face.

Regan said...

Thank you for putting my picture on your blog.
It is very nice.
I miss you,

Anita said...

Karen and Regan - thank you for commenting on my blog!!! Regan, I am glad you like your picture.

Thank you Terri, Stoy and Mary!

Robin Neudorfer said...

Anita - I told you somewhere else how I feel about this great piece. Forgot to mention it here. You have such a wonderful way of capturing the essence of a person.
Only 3 more days!!!

Richard W. Cohen said...

"I'm not entirely happy with it but can't figure out why its not quite right."

- - - -

Always a good idea to check for symetry, plum lines, etc., in a mirror . . gives us a fresh set of eyes for self-critique.

Best wishes, hope you are enjoying your travels.


Anonymous said...

I think this portrait is wonderful! Did you use Derwent drawing pencils?


am-art said...

Richard - thank you for commenting! I find turning it upside down works a treat too. Funnily this looks great from the side if the paper is slightly tilted which I think means its too wide in the face!

Debbie - yes these are the Derwent Drawing Pencils. They have an interesting texture and I recommend everyone to try them.

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