Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mt Vernon and Georgetown, DC

Its been a busy week. Judi and Robin from WetCanvas came to DC to meet me and we have spent four days together. Wonderful to meet them both and its been an art extravaganza and even though we all religiously carried our sketchbooks everywhere we went, we didn't do any drawing at all!

Thursday we went to the National Gallery. In the East Wing (Contemporary Art) there was a lovely exhibition of Rousseau paintings and a superb exhibition of Sheelers work - not an artist I knew before. We also managed the lower floor of the West Wing (Classical Art) which included a wonderful exhibition of drawings including da Vinci, Raphael, Picasso, Duhrer and many others. Wonderful bronzes too by Degas (including The Little Dancer and many of horses too) and Rodin.

Friday we went back to the National Gallery to see the Bellini, Titian and Giorgone exhibition. I was particularly taken by the painting of fabrics in those work and Titian in particular impressed me. After a fabulous lunch in the Sculpture garden (photos last post) we went to the National Portrait Gallery which also includes a section of very contemporary art - mostly sculpture and installation work. There were a number of pieces that I liked there (forgot to write down who or what, DOH!). Also two Hoppers - one of my favourite artists. We had a great evening in Adams Morgan with another couple of old friends who joined us and had a great evening that ended in an Ethiopian restaurant.
Yesterday we took the boat trip to Mt Vernon. Early start but worth it. A peaceful and scenic hour and half ride down the Potomac to Mt Vernon which is in an idyllic setting overlooking the river. The architecture is lovely with white washed walls and red shingle rooves set in beautiful countryside.

I fell in love with the garden which even at the end of the growing season is a riot of colour with black-eye susans, sea holly, cannas, marigolds and lots of busy lizzies. Great use of box hedges.

I found this little (about three foot) beach as we waited for the boat back to DC - teeny waves lapped at the river edge and a stack of driftwood, wonderfully worn and textured laying in the sand.

We spent the evening in Georgetown which is a delighful DC suburb, very busy with restaurants and shops. The architecture is very reminiscent of England and I always feel at home here.


The Epiphany Artist said...

What a wonderful trip!
that last you wonder ever who lives behind those doors in the row homes what kind of lives they lead ?

Robin Neudorfer said...

I miss you already... but I am home safe and sound. I highly recommend that people reach out and meet internet friends. It certainly makes this world a much smaller sphere.
I had a wonderful time Anita. You and Tom were the best hosts. The SpyMaster has a great sense of humor and a tremendous amount of patience. I wish we could meet once a week for coffee. I look forward to our next chat. It is 12:45 and I believe I am sleep walking.

Fireman's Kid said...

It sounds like you ladies had a GREAT time and didn't get into too much trouble. ;) The pictures are lovely!! But what's this about no sketching???

Katherine said...

I'd like to endorse Robin's comment having been home a month from a similar trip and just about to leave on another one!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - but you were very naughty to not do any sketching! ;)

Since being away myself I've lost track of everybody's 'doings'. How long is the stop over in DC?

Mary said...

What an incredble experience for you three and your photography is as good as your art, Anita, and that is hard to beat.

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