Sunday, July 23, 2006

Windows, Windows, more Windows

Sketched this from my living room window as I watched the moving guys pack up all our worldly possessions!


blumoon said...

Anita I am loving your drawings ... now my main concern is ... we are not going to lose touch with you now are we???
Keep us up to date on your travels!

Mary said...

Anita this looks so good and conveys the feeling of the big city it is.

Rose Bard said...

This sketch is so cool Anita. You doing so great with the pencils. I just love watching you and your art.

Hope it goes all well for you on the moving to the new home. :)

vivien said...

These sketches are great Anita - I've only just caught up with your great new blog :)

You mentioned getting into abstraction - my very first abstract was based on buildings and windows and I struggled finding a way 'in'.

I ended up cutting it up into triangles and reassembling it and then painting from that. I didn't abstract it enough I realised later but it did help me break through the barrier. Good luck with the move.

I also kept a limited colour scheme of pinks and airforce blue-greys

Vivien :)

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