Monday, July 03, 2006

Karen's Dad

My boss asked me to do a portrait of her dad. Ordinarily I insist on taking my own reference shots but he died a long time ago, so that was out of the question. She picked a wedding photo of hers! This is the result - I'm pleased with it - I hope she is too. I'm still practicing getting my photography right so please bear with me!

I had a lightbulb moment yesterday - I was thinking about abstracts - which I love and it struck me that I love abstracts like Rothko that have lots of colour - it may only be one colour but its definitely colour. Yet I love black and white photography and detailed realism in black and white. So it occurred to me that maybe I need to limit my detailed work to graphite and paint abstracts - that fills me with terror as I have no idea where to start with an abstract. Maybe I'll just gaze in wonder at other people's abstracts and go on painting and drawing realism in monochrome.


The Epiphany Artist said...

Those Cherries that sold were not Monochrome!!

Mary said...

The portrait looks great, Anita.

Robin Neudorfer said...

I will give you the notes I took in my abstract class. During the next year, you will find many reasons to go abstract.
This portrait turned out really great, even with a RI that was not up to your standards. Where is your brochure?

Anita said...

Terri - the cherries were - just not black and white - but mainly the same colour tones - don't you think? Hope to catch you Sunday!

Mary - you are so sweet! Hugs!

Robin - would love your notes - yes I feel the next year might well bring out a lot of abstracts!

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