Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Beginnings

It has been a very long time since I have posted on my blog. 

No excuses!

Well, a minor one - I couldn't get into my blog! I don't know what happened but I could not log in until today. 

We have moved to Vienna so I am now surrounded by wonderful architecture and art. Culture is seeping out of every alley so I have no excuses not to be producing bountiful amounts of artwork! I am also enjoying being unemployed and having plenty of time to start getting to grips with art. I've been exploring and playing with subjects and styles in watercolour and in oils.

One of the last pieces I did before we left Germany was this portrait of my nephew, Sam.  Painting someone that is near and dear is quite an unnerving experience as their face appears out of the paper. 

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Billie Crain said...

You managed to resurrect the blog! Bravo, Anita! It's good to see you back in action and you've come out swinging that brush with gusto.

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