Thursday, October 22, 2009

Room with a View

Its been a long time since I have posted anything - usual hiatus between postings when I am without my art materials. We are on the move - leaving Islamabad, Pakistan in early August and are currently in the States before going on to our new post.

The extended stay in the States sent me out to the art store to buy some supplies for something to do.

The view from our hotel room is of a street lined with trees and high rise buildings. The sun strikes the buildings on the right side of the street late in the afternoon, with shadows cast across the street from the trees.


Gary said...

This is a beautiful rendering Anita (I found you through Jeanette Jobson). I like the eraser mark making especially. I have a colleague who is currently on hiatus in his hometown of Lahore - where to next?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I love this drawing - it's got real depth.

Gosh which bit of South east Asia are you in?

Anita said...

Gary - thank you. I start by toning the paper to a mid-grey and then erase to get lights and darken with more charcoal.

Katherine - thank you. Supposed to be going to Bangladesh but stalled in Washington at the moment.

Jeanette said...

I love the complexity of this. I don't know if my patience level would let me do those buildings and trees.

Its a wonderful view and your magical touch has brought it to life.

SKIZO said...


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