Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok! I know I need to show some new work but you will have to forgive me at least for a couple of days. My daughter is getting married and I have 4 bridesmaid dresses to make and suit for myself before my sewing machine gets packed and I head off to a new home. I am taking a week off work next week and intend to alternate sewing and drawing for a luxurious 7 days so there should be something new coming soon! I hope!

But I had to post just to say that I have sold another 2 pastels - and for the first time experience a pang of sadness as I say goodbye to them. I particularly liked these pieces but intend to do paintings of them so will be revisiting them soon.


vivien said...

that's fantastic and no surprise - your work is lovely and you have a real style of your own.

Good luck with the move, the sewing etc

multi talented or what???? I would never dare to make a suit for a wedding! the pressure and stress!

Mary said...

These are two of my favorites also Anita but I know how satisfied you must feel. Congratulations!!!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Congrats Anita....i can see why they sold..they are beautiful. Good luck on the move and the packing....and your daughters wedding. How exciting. all my best wishes to you, xoxo Lisa

Billie Crain said...

aahhhh...the thrill of the sale. it's pretty heady stuff, is it not?! i don't envy you all that sewing but you know what you're doing. i hope you'll post pics?

Anonymous said...

What great news, Anita! I know that they will find a great new home. Now you know when you hang the work, others are interested.

I know the rush of sewing, so I hope you pace yourself.

Can't wait to hear from you when you are back in the states. Sure wish you could manage to meet us in Mexico. Now that would be awesome!

Kim said...

what exciting news Anita... congratulations to your daughter on her impending marriage...the sale of your work and a move as well ..
wow you will be busy....
good luck with the sewing..
I'm sure the dresses will be perfect :)

Jeanette said...

You are a brave soul to sew all those dresses. My daughter is getting married too so I know the preparation that it takes. But it is another form of creativity so I know they will be lovely.

Well done on selling these two pastels. I too have always liked them and would be loathe to part with them. You're on a roll lately! Keep it up!

Anita said...

Vivien - Jack of all trades and master of none, I think is the term!

Mary - real pang when I handed them over - I miss them on my wall!

Lisa! Its so busy at the moment that the sales just gave me a boost in the chaos!

Billie - I will post wedding photos for sure!

Robin - it will be nice to be home for a while though it will be very busy. I wish I was coming to Mexico too!!!!

Kim - the dresses are causing me heartache - I am convinced they wont fit!

Jeanette - weddings! I tried to get mine to elope and offered to pay for a beach wedding somewhere but she wasn't having any of it!

Robyn said...

Congratulations, Anita on your pastels selling. It's bound to happen when you produce such beautiful work. Very hard to part with I bet, but it will be exciting to see these subjects as paintings.

Have I missed the wedding? If not, very best wishes to all concerned.

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